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Food is back in town

The world is increasingly urban. What urban dwellers eat now and will eat in the future, and how this food is brought to them, will impact the sustainability of our food systems. We therefore need to work on urban food systems –  i.e. the wide array of activities that bring food to urban dwellers.

Cities are both contributing – and vulnerable – to major challenges: climate change, resource depletion, soil degradation, health issues, social inequalities… They are increasingly facing food insecurity issues.

Citizens, NGOs, civil servants, private companies… all over the world, food innovators are developing solutions to face up to the challenges. And scientists are producing analysis that would be useful to them, but too often, it gets lost in translation.

Urban Food Futures helps them by making available complex and rich scientific information to these food innovators.

Helping urban food innovators

Urban Food Futures articles cover a wide array of issues related to urban food systems: from challenges to solutions. In this blog/ online magazine, you can read analysis about:

  • actions carried out by citizens, communities or private actors,
  • urban food policies: their levers, their governance and their impacts,
  • other (international, national…) policies that have an impact on the sustainability of urban food systems.

The primary focus of this online magazine is on countries from the Global North, but it will cover other parts of the world when relevant.

Sources for the articles are academic articles, doctoral dissertations, books or book chapters, reports or conference presentations. They are selected for their scientific quality and their relevance for action.

Articles are available in French and English.

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