CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute identifies paths for progress in NYC food policy evaluation

In January, the NYC mayor office for Food Policy released the 2020 Food Metrics Report. The document provides an overview of city food programs, and lays out how they have adapted to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food system.

The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute articulated thoughts on how to make the Food Metrics Report a more efficient public policy tool in the future. Recommendations include:

  • Improving data access, measurement and quality in order to move from describing outputs to assess cumulative impacts of programs on citywide food security, health…
  • Expanding SNAP participation by identifying under-enrolled neighborhoods and communities, so as to tailor precisely outreach actions to these communities.
  • Presenting clear evidence of different food investment benefits to guide decision making.

If you are interested in policy evaluation in New York, you can also read our previous article “We’ve done a lot, but what have we accomplished?” Lessons from New York urban food policy

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