More science, better action


Why #urbanfoodscience?

Urban food issues are raising on the agenda, and more and more people are reporting on urban food research. Urban Food Futures is committed to making science available to urban food practitioners, and, for this reason, we decided to share that content on our social media under the #urbanfoodscience hashtag.

What will you find on #urbanfoodscience?

#urbanfoodscience will help you access science communication content (in English or French) that is published online by other actors, and that deals with urban food issues. We will make sure we explain why we think this content (article, video...) is of relevance to you.

Can you also use the #urbanfoodscience hashtag?

If you are a science communication organisation and a professional media reporting on urban food science, you are more than welcome to use the #urbanfoodscience hashtag! If you are a researcher and you want to share your work, we warmly encourage you to go beyond just posting the link to an article behind a paywall. Let us know what you think are the main take-aways of your work for people working on urban food systems on a daily basis!

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