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Coffee Break articles

What are they about?

Urban Food Futures articles cover a wide array of issues related to urban food systems: from challenges to solutions. Articles present analysis about actions (carried out by citizens, communities or private actors), urban food policies (their levers, their governance and their impacts), other policies that have an impact on the sustainability of urban food systems. The primary focus of Urban Food Futures is on countries from the Global North, but it covers other parts of the world when relevant.

What are the sources of the articles?

All Urban Food Futures articles are based on scientific publications. Sources for the articles are academic articles, doctoral dissertations, books or book chapters, reports or conference presentations. They are selected for their scientific quality and their relevance for action. We give priority to literature reviews (rather than single case studies) and to innovative topics that prepare tomorrow’s urban food systems.

How often are they published?

We published one article a month until 2022.

In which language are they published?

Articles are published in English and French.

Quality process

All Urban Food Futures articles are based both on the original academic paper and, whenever possible, an interview with the paper’s lead author (who is also given the opportunity to review it), in order to ensure its quality.

Republishing guidelines

You can check our republish our articles, under specific conditions. Learn more here.

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